Leveraging GS1 standards and services

Leveraging GS1 standards and services

For the more than 25 marketplaces around the world who are already using GS1 standards and services like GS1 GTINs and Verified by GS1, the benefits are clear: single product pages, increased traffic, faster listing process, a better way to detect counterfeits, simplified regulatory compliance and more.

That’s because access to trusted product identification allows marketplaces to perform a wide range of tasks, which in turn enables them to build better product catalogues and provide a better and safer consumer experience.

Even though many marketplaces have already adopted GS1 standards, we know that there are still many opportunities for us to engage more closely with the marketplace ecosystem, and many things we can do to ensure that our standards and services are fit for the online world.

This is the driving principle behind the development of our Marketplaces Programme. Its ambition is to address the product identification needs shared by marketplaces, integrators and sellers, with the main topics being GTIN duplicates and GTIN overuse. Our fundamental goal is to have marketplaces better understand and communicate the added value of global identification, in particular by recommending that sellers use GTINs to list products.

By: admin

February 27, 2023

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